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how to increase parental involvement in schools

Parental involvement in schools is crucial for student success. Research has shown that when parents are actively involved in their children’s education, students tend to have better academic outcomes, such as higher grades and test scores, and are more likely to graduate from high school. Here are a few strategies that schools can use to … Read more

why Shouldn’t school start later

The idea of starting school later in the morning has gained traction in recent years, with some arguing that it could improve student health and academic performance. However, there are also valid reasons why schools should not start later. Here are a few reasons why some argue that schools should not start later: Impact on … Read more

why schools shouldn’t have dress codes

Dress codes in schools have been a controversial topic for many years, with some arguing that they are necessary for maintaining a certain level of decorum and professionalism, while others argue that they can be restrictive and discriminatory. Here are a few reasons why some argue that schools should not have dress codes: Restricts self-expression: … Read more

do teachers get paid maternity leave

Maternity leave is a period of time that new mothers take off from work in order to bond with and care for their newborn child. The availability and length of maternity leave can vary depending on the employer and the country. In the United States, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires employers with … Read more

why is ethnic studies important

Ethnic studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the experiences, contributions, and perspectives of ethnic and racial minority groups. It is an important field of study for a number of reasons, including: Understanding of history and culture: Ethnic studies provides students with a deeper understanding of the history and culture of ethnic and … Read more

benefits of dual language programs

Dual language programs, also known as bilingual education programs, are educational programs in which students are taught in two languages. These programs have been shown to have a number of benefits for students, including: Improved language proficiency: Dual language programs provide students with the opportunity to develop proficiency in two languages, which can improve their … Read more

every student succeeds act pros and cons

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a federal law that was passed in 2015 to replace the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and to provide states with more flexibility in how they implement education policy. The law aims to improve the academic achievement of all students and to close the achievement gap between … Read more

how did collective bargaining benefit workers

Collective bargaining is the process by which workers negotiate with their employers for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. It is a key aspect of labor relations, and has played a significant role in improving the lives of workers in the United States and around the world. Here are a few ways in which collective … Read more

what is delegate votes

Delegate votes play a crucial role in the presidential nomination process in the United States. Delegates are individuals who are chosen by political parties to represent their state at the party’s national convention. At the convention, delegates vote for the party’s nominee for president. The number of delegates allocated to each state is determined by … Read more

what are delegates in elections

In the United States, delegates play a crucial role in the presidential nomination process. Delegates are individuals who are chosen by political parties to represent their state at the party’s national convention. At the convention, delegates vote for the party’s nominee for president. There are two types of delegates: pledged and unpledged. Pledged delegates are … Read more

why do students dropout of high school

High school dropout rates continue to be a major concern in the United States, as students who drop out of high school face significant challenges in their future education and career opportunities. There are many reasons why students drop out of high school, including: Academic struggles: Many students who drop out of high school struggle … Read more

how can phones help students in school

Cell phones have become an integral part of modern society, and they can also be used as a valuable tool to help students in school. Here are a few ways that phones can help students in their education: Access to educational resources: Students can use their phones to access a wide range of educational resources … Read more

teacher mispronouncing students names

Mispronouncing a student’s name can be more than just an innocent mistake; it can have a significant impact on the student’s sense of identity and belonging in the classroom. As a teacher, it is important to take the time to learn and pronounce each student’s name correctly. Here are some tips on how to avoid … Read more

how to lesson plan for new teachers

Lesson planning is an essential part of being a successful teacher. As a new teacher, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start when creating a lesson plan. However, by following a few simple steps, you can create effective lesson plans that engage your students and help them to learn. Lesson planning is … Read more

what is national board for professional teaching standards certification

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification is a professional certification for teachers that is designed to recognize and reward excellence in teaching. This certification is considered to be the highest level of professional recognition for teachers in the United States. The NBPTS certification process is a rigorous, performance-based assessment that requires teachers … Read more

why standards based grading Doesn’t work

Standards-based grading (SBG) is an educational approach that focuses on measuring student learning against a set of predefined standards, rather than using a traditional letter or numerical grade. While this approach has gained popularity in recent years, there are several reasons why it may not be the most effective way to evaluate student performance. It … Read more

how to avoid government pension offset

Government Pension Offset (GPO) is a provision in the Social Security Act that can reduce the amount of Social Security spousal or survivor benefits that a person is eligible to receive. Here are a few ways to potentially avoid the GPO: Apply for benefits on your own record first: If you are eligible for benefits … Read more

why students should have phones in school

The use of mobile phones in schools has been a controversial issue in recent years, with many schools implementing strict policies that prohibit students from bringing phones to school or using them during class. However, there are several reasons why students should be allowed to have phones in school. One of the main reasons is … Read more

what is the purpose of public education

Public education is a vital aspect of modern society, and its purpose is multifaceted. One of its primary functions is to provide all students, regardless of their background, with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life. This includes not only the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, but also the ability to … Read more

why should teachers get paid more

Teaching is one of the most important and demanding professions in our society. Teachers play a vital role in shaping the minds of future generations and have a profound impact on students’ lives. Despite the importance of their role, many teachers in the United States are not paid a salary that reflects the value of … Read more