5 Top Factors to Consider When Selecting a University

With several educational institution options and personal aspects to consider, deciding on a university can be incredibly stressful for incoming college students. If you’re struggling with which university to attend, here are five essential factors and tips to help you make an informed decision.


For most students, college life is the first time they’ll be living independently. Some young adults crave freedom, while others prefer to stay near their families. Are you ready to embrace the adventure of living in an unfamiliar environment, or does the comfort of home sound appealing? Weigh the upsides and disadvantages of your preferred location and avoid being swayed by the opinions of others, even if coming from trusted loved ones.


One crucial factor you need to consider when choosing a university is academics. Find a university that offers the degree you want to pursue and educational programs you’re interested in. If you’re still undecided about what college degree to get, consider your passion, interests, and areas you excel in.

For instance, if you love solving complicated problems and are very good at science and math, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering can provide you with career opportunities that can help you achieve your professional dreams.

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While numerous universities offer scholarships and financial aid, cost is still a deciding factor when choosing an educational institution. Aside from the tuition, you must also factor in your daily and monthly expenses, such as food, transport, rent, textbooks, school supplies, clothing, entertainment, and other incidental charges.

If you’re unable to avail yourself of financial aid, will your family cover your expenses, or will you need to work part-time? Remember that college life is more expensive, even if you live at home, so find a university that not only aligns with your student goals but also your finances.

Campus Life

Since your chosen university will be your second home for four or more years, it must be comfortable and conducive to learning. When conducting site visits, tour the campus and ask the current students what they usually do after class. Are there plenty of events held inside the campus? What types of organizations are available?

You should also check the school facilities, especially the department you plan to join. Some of the facilities to evaluate include the library, laboratories, lecture halls, workshop studios,  gymnasium, clinic, internet stations, and study areas.

Academic Support

Another essential factor when choosing a college is academic support. Check if your preferred school offers academic support such as volunteer mentors, after-school programs, tutoring sessions, writing assistance, career counseling, teacher advisors, and supplemental instructions.

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Do they offer these for free? Is everyone eligible to avail of these services? Even if you prefer to handle all your academic concerns independently, it is best if your school is student-centered and willing to extend help whenever needed.


Selecting a university need not be overwhelming. Take note of these factors, and choose a school that can help you grow and develop into the person you’ve always wanted to become.

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