Top 50 Party Schools

The term “party school” is often used to describe colleges and universities where the social scene and nightlife are considered a significant aspect of student life. While this label can be both positive and negative, it’s important to note that partying should never come at the expense of academic success or personal safety.

One way that students and researchers have attempted to measure a school’s party scene is through rankings such as the Top 50 Party Schools list published by Barstool Sports. While these rankings are subjective and should be taken with a grain of salt, they can provide insights into which schools have a reputation for a lively social scene.

According to the 2021 Barstool Top Party Schools list, the top 10 party schools in America are:

  1. University of Alabama
  2. Louisiana State University
  3. University of Georgia
  4. University of Texas – Austin
  5. University of Iowa
  6. University of Mississippi
  7. Florida State University
  8. University of California – Santa Barbara
  9. West Virginia University
  10. Pennsylvania State University

It’s worth noting that the rankings are based on factors such as party attendance, nightlife, and access to bars and clubs. They do not take into account other factors that are important in determining the overall quality of a school, such as academic rigor, campus resources, and career prospects.

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While these schools may be known for their social scene, it’s important for students to remember that partying responsibly is essential for maintaining good health and academic performance. Drinking and drug use can have serious consequences, both in the short and long term. Students should make sure to prioritize their well-being and safety above all else.

In conclusion, while the Top 50 Party Schools list can provide insights into which schools have a reputation for a lively social scene, students should consider a variety of factors when choosing where to attend college. Socializing is an important part of the college experience, but it should never come at the expense of personal well-being or academic success.

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