when do you apply to colleges

The application timeline for colleges can vary depending on the institution and the type of application (early decision, early action, regular decision).

  • Early Decision is a binding agreement between the student and the college; if the student is accepted, they are required to attend the college and withdraw all other college applications. The deadline is usually November 1st.
  • Early Action is non-binding which means that the student does not have to commit to attending the college if accepted. The deadline for early action is usually November 1st.
  • Regular Decision is the final deadline for submitting college applications, this process is non-binding as well. The deadline for regular decision is usually January 1st.

It’s important to check each college’s website for their specific application deadlines and requirements. Also, it’s a good idea to start the college application process early and submit applications well before the deadlines to ensure that all materials are received on time.

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